This is a totally natural wine, unfiltered and with no chemicals added during it’s production process.

Casa Roca Chardonnay 2012 100% oak barrel

“Intense golden yellow with amber highlights. The nose is very fresh and aromatic,
marked by its strain, with notes of mango and bergamot;
that expand to more mature aromas, fresh fig and a hint of licorice.
The mouth is sumptuous and refreshing, with an impressive material that gives
the wine a unique structure.
The aromas continue to evolve and refine,
prolonging the pleasure with citric floral and delicate finish.
An intense and refined experience.”

Emeric Montignac, oenoligist.



D.O. Casablanca Valley – Chile
Produced and bottled by Agricola y Comercial Casa Roca Ltd, Fundo Los Perales s/n Quilué

Casa Roca Pinot Noir Rosé Perlant

The color is cheerful and invites you to try this nectar in the shade of a tree
on a sunny afternoon.
Intense pink with bright orange reflections.
The nose is frank and direct, with hints of cola nut and gooseberry.
The palate is refreshing and gourmand. Floral and rosehip aromas are highlighted by the very
fine bubbles of this “perlant” or “needle wine”, giving it a unique character.
Ideal for acompaning a goat cheese pizza or a salmon and ginger salad.

Emeric Montignac, oenoligist



D.O. Casablanca Valley – Chile
Produced and bottled by Agricola y Comercial Casa Roca Ltd, Fundo Los Perales s/n Quilué

Syrah El Alamo 2012

Dark as ink, color is intense thus promising a very good concentration.
The nose is powerful and rustic when openend and quickly
delivers more complex aromas, with pink laurel flower, violets, black fruits,
such as blackberries and very subtlety, those of species, such as licorice and nutmeg.
The mouth is intense, generous and refreshing. The aromas
continue to evolve with great balance and lead to a focused and very persistent final.
An exceptional wine, which delivers all the generosity of its terroir.

Emeric Montignac, oenoligist.

Chardonnay Extra Brut


2012 · Traditional Method, Coming Soon.

Pinot Noir Rosé Extra Brut


2012 · Traditional Method, Coming Soon.


Viña Casa Roca was established in 2010, being one of the few wineries in Chile entirely dedicated to the production of premium natural wines and sparkling wines. We are located in the Casablanca Valley, one of the most renowned wine valleys of Chile, but we are not limited to working only the grapes from this valley.

In early 2010 we decided together with Emeric Montignac (winemaker) to launch this project and dedicate ourselves to making premium natural wines and sparkling wines. We were familiar with Emeric because he was the winemaker at a vineyard close to our farms and we had become good friends. We enjoyed the wines he made and sometimes we dared to make natural wines with grapes we produced, resulting in special wines of excellent quality. We were convinced we had everything we needed to make a difference, but decided to put a new ingredient , not only we would use grapes from our vineyards, but we would go out and search, explore; as Chile is full of valleys, different microclimates and soils, all excellent for producing natural wines.

Since then, we have been working together to make available to you r in 2014 what we are going to present to you.


Casa Roca is a boutique winery project founded in 2010 with the aim of producing 100% high quality natural wines and sparkling wines.

A natural wine is wine made from natural grapes, without adding or taking anything away from that grape. What results is a wine that truly reflects the land that gave birth to it.

No industrial yeasts are used to control the alcoholic fermentation of the basic wine, nor sulfur dioxide (sulfites). What’s more, our wines are not filtered. Every year we go out looking for different and unique terroirs and we process only small amounts, seeking maximum control throughout the manufacturing process, thus highlighting the unique characteristics of each location and strain.

Our business philosophy makes us innovate constantly, delivering new market proposals, but always faithful to the philosophy of natural wines.



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